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Raunsborg Gift Set Night Cream & Eye Serum 65 ml (U)

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Raunsborg Nordic Day Cream & Face Wash Gift Set is a nourishing and caring gift box containing two products from Raunsborg Nordic. The products in the box is suitable for all skin types, and is focused on combat natural skin aging. Raunsborg Nordic is a Danish produced beauty series for women of all ages. Raunsborg believe that nature can create small miracles. By explore century-old books, they have found effective properties from nature's treasure trove of herbs, plants and flowers and rediscovered knowledge that has long been forgotten. Raunsborg Nordic has exploited the properties of nature and have the latest knowledge and modern technology, created a series of mild and effective skin care products and scents. Raunsborg is Nordic beauty. Includes: Raunsborg Nordic Night Cream For All Skin Types 50 ml: This is a moisturizing and nourishing night cream that restores the skin at night, when it is the time when the skin has the greatest opportunity to regenerate. This cream contains effective plant extracts from brændælden which has a firming effect on the skin, and extracts from peptides that goes in and helps smooth out fine lines. Raunsborg Nordic Night Cream For All Skin Types conditions the skin in depth, helps combat the skin's natural signs of aging, leaving you with a healthy and refreshing glow. Raunsborg Nordic Eye Serum All Skin Types 15 ml: is a moisturizing and softening serum that reduces the fine lines under the eyes, as well as exposing the skin's natural aging. This serum enriched with active ingredients that provides the skin with the necessary vitamins and minerals. In addition, the depth of acting plant extracts from eg violet, cucumber and peas which have a softening and a calming effect. Hyaluronic acid has a moisturizing effect, and acts firming the skin. Raunsborg Nordic Eye Serum All Skin Types is a super delicious serum that reduces the brand circles and bags under the eyes and leaves you with a fresh and healthy skin with a natural shine

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