Revlon Nutri Color Creme 812 - 100 ml

Revlon Nutri Color Creme 812 - 100 ml

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A dyed hair often need extra attention and care to maintain a beautiful and intense color. Therefore Nutricolr cream designed to quickly and easily refresh your hair color from home. With 15 unique colors, you're sure to find one that suits your hair color. In just three minutes you can cause the hair to become velvety to the touch, and the color gets while new glow.

Technical features

  • Contains catatonic pigments which works instantly.
  • Based on AHA fruit acids (moisturizing).
  • Provides exceptional care and shine.


  • Wear gloves when applying dark and intense colors, and avoid touching the scalp.
  • Apply to freshly washed and slightly damp hair.
  • Leave for 3 minutes. Rinse and headpieces hair through.

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