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Rønsbøl Derma Roller 0,3 mm

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Rønsbøl is jumping on the Derma Roller wave. A Derma Roller stimulates skin production of collagen and elastin, which helps to increase blood circulation and thereby produce new skin. It consists of 540 microns of stainless steel, and when you roll these needles over the skin, they will make small microchannels in the skin's top layer. When these small holes are made, the skin becomes "cheated" to believe it is damaged, and it will therefore begin a healing process that will simultaneously trigger collagen production. This means that the skin renews itself and therefore you can see an improvement in the skin's surface relative to scars, pigmentation, impurities or lines and wrinkles. The skin will have a more uniform surface, irregularities become less visible and coarse pores diminish. As an added bonus, the skin will also be much more susceptible to the products applied to the skin afterwards. Rønsbøl Derma Roller is with needles of 0.3 mm. and is for use on the face.


It is extremely important to keep its Derma Roller clean and for this purpose we recommend [Rønsbøl Derma Roller Cleaner] (https://nicehair.dk/ronsbol-derma-roller-cleaner-30-ml.html) . When the roller is cleaned, it is important that it is allowed to dry completely.

You should be aware that the skin will be red, hot and it will slightly slip into the skin after use, just like if you get mild sunburn, and therefore it is recommended to use Derma Roller in the evening.


- Stimulates skin production of collagen and elastin
- Increases the skin's soft circulation
- Starts the healing process
- Renews the skin
- Reduces scars, lines and wrinkles
- Provides a more uniform surface
- For use on the face


- Clean the skin and the roller before use
- Roll the Derma Roller back and forth for a few minutes - Be careful with the pressure
- Roll both vertically, horizontally and diagonally in both directions
- Be careful about your eyes
- A treatment should not last more than 5 minutes
- Repeat treatment every day for 4-5 days and let your skin rest for as many days afterwards
- After the rest period, treatment is again 4-5 days in a row
- After use, it is recommended to use a serum, depending on your needs
- Finish with night cream

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