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Rønsbøl Skin Tonic 250 ml (U)

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Rønsbøl Skin Lotion is a light spray that should I prepare the skin before applying moisturizers. When the toner is used in creams, it will improve moisture absorption, so you get much more out of his daily moisture care. After use, the skin will be nice and refreshed soaked. In addition to being used as skin tonic, it can also be used to remove makeup. Rønsbøl Facial Toner is suitable for all skin types.


  • Is moisturizing
  • Provides a fresh skin
  • Can be used to remove makeup
  • Without perfumes, dyes and parabens


  • Always used on a cleansed skin
  • Are designed for use both morning and evening
  • Should not be washed
  • Can also be used to remove makeup with