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Rønsbøl Nurture Me

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Rønsbøl Nurture Me is a package of pure pampering for both, hair, face and lips. With this set you can give a delicious gift to yourself or someone you care about.

The kit contains:

- All-In-One Treatment 100 ml
- Clay Mask 50 ml
- Lip Balm 12 ml

Rønsbøl All-In-One Treatment: is a multifunctional product that does not need to be rinsed out of the hair. It works to repair on dry tips while strengthening and moisturizing the hair. The hair becomes easier to read through after washing, and the product also acts as heat-protective. See full description [here] (https://nicehair.dk/ronsbol-extra-care-all-in-one-treatment-100-ml.html)

Rønsbøl Clay Mask: is a deep-penetrating mask that is super good for a greasy and unclean skin. It reduces sebum production and also acts as a pore compression. See full description [here] (https://nicehair.dk/ronsbol-clay-mask-50-ml--1.html)

Rønsbøl Lip Balm: is a pleasing balsam to the lips. It gives a lot of moisture to the lips and is good to use as a base under lipstick. It is also good to use for dry and flossed nail bands. See full description [here] (https://nicehair.dk/ronsbol-lip-balm-12-ml.html)

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