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Your feet are exposed to many things every day that can affect them in a more or less positive or negative direction. The weight they carry - the steps they take - the fabrics they come in contact with and the shoes they wear. It is therefore important that your feet are well maintained and taken care of so that they can meet the challenges of everyday life. Below is NiceBeauty's proposal for good and efficient foot care, which you can manage at home at an affordable price and in the foreseeable future. ## Foot Care Begin by removing your nail polish. Take a foot bath with lukewarm water and possibly rapeseed oil, salt or mild soap. The feet are not intended to be in the foot bath anymore, so they become completely wrinkled. 10 minutes is appropriate and then the water is also cool. Use a small wooden stick designed to push the cuticles down and remove dirt under the nails. You can also use a nail brush to scrub the tops of the nails and the skin around them, thus removing dead skin cells. After the foot bath you can choose to do different things, but NiceBeauty clearly recommends using the Baby Foot Easy Pack product between 2 and 4 times a year. Baby foot is a wonderful cure for removing dead skin cells and hard skin from your feet ... Completely without perfume and parabens. The recipe is Japanese and contains many different ingredients that benefit your feet. Fruit acid is the most important of them, since fruit acid stimulates cell renewal and moisturizes the skin. Licorice root helps strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammatory conditions and raise something. low blood pressure. The chamomile flower is also found in the ingredients. It is good because it has a calming effect. What is baby foot? - In short, there are two plastic socks that contain a gel specially designed for skin peeling of your feet .... and believe us ... if you follow the instructions on the package ... you will within 3-7 experience days when your feet are almost changes him. It is recommended to perform the treatment in "stocking time" as your feet will be sprinkling a lot. The process takes up to seven days from the first scale to fall off. Then your feet will be lovely baby-soft again. ## Find foot files here! (The maintenance is quite simple ... you only use a nice foot file 1-2 times a week after the bath). After rinsing and drying your feet carefully ... especially between your toes, it is a good idea to apply a foot cream. Like one without too much perfume and essential oils. Be extra careful not to apply the cream between the toes. This can cause foot fungus because the toes are very tight and therefore do not get air. If you have sore feet, you may want to apply the cream by massaging it well into the skin. Look at for a good and effective foot cream. - Baby foot has its own foot cream, which fits the foot peeling, but on we also have other foot creams to choose from. - For example, [Dr. Hauschka] (, which offers a foot cream that relieves warm feet and sweat odor, as well as a cream that provides moisture and relieves irritation. - [MD formulations] ( has developed a cream that, among other things, prevents cracks in the skin under the foot. - We also have two creams from NIP + FAB and Skintruth, which both work cool and soothing on both legs and lower legs. End the foot care by giving the nails the last attention. Apply some oil to the cuticles, cut the nails straight and not too short. Archive all sharp edges to..very straight above..and not too far down as it can contribute to the growing nails in the long run. Like the glaze on the glaze, you can eventually put a clear or colored varnish on the nails. Your feet are now ready to take you further into life.