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Vita Liberata Gift Set (Limited Edition)
51,80 €
36,20 €
Tanrevel Refill Luxury Dark 60 ml
26,80 €
20,00 €
Tanrevel Refill 60 ml - Original
26,80 €
20,00 €
b.tan Tanned AF 1 Hour Bronzing Mist 207 ml
16,10 €
14,70 €
Ecooking Self Tanning Glove 1 Piece
10,60 €
9,30 €
Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan 150 ml - Extra Dark
12,00 €
10,60 €
b.tan Just Shut Up And Kiss Me 300 ml
16,10 €
14,70 €
COOLA Gradual Tan Sculpting Mousse 207 ml
63,10 €
56,30 €
COOLA Sunless Tan Firming Lotion 177 ml
60,40 €
53,70 €
Minetan Moroccan Foam 200 ml
35,00 €
Minetan Ultra Dark 200 ml
26,90 €
Minetan Double Dark 200 ml
26,90 €
Minetan Medium Dark 200 ml
26,90 €
Meraki Self Tan Drops 100 ml
26,90 €
24,10 €
b.tan Tan Go Away Tan Eraser 200 ml
16,10 €
13,30 €
Minetan Nanomist Refill 25 ml
17,50 €
Minetan Nanomist Tan Compact
93,50 €
Minetan Caramel Classic 200 ml
35,00 €
b.tan Pro Mist Tanned AF... 750 ml
93,50 €
67,10 €
b.tan B.U.B Personal Tanner
133,80 €
107,40 €
b.tan Ain't Nobody Got Time For That 200 ml
16,10 €
14,50 €
b.tan Fake It Till You Make It... 200 ml
16,10 €
12,00 €
b.tan Love At First Tan 200 ml
16,10 €
11,70 €
b.tan Tanned AF... 200 ml
16,10 €
13,30 €
COOLA Tan Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist 100 ml
53,70 €
48,30 €
SunSpa Self Tan Mousse 200 ml
26,80 €
21,40 €
Marc Inbane Glove
13,30 €
12,00 €
SunSpa Tan-In-A-Can 200 ml - Body Fitness
26,80 €
21,40 €
Lancôme Flash Bronzer Gel Body 125 ml
39,70 €
36,20 €
Lancôme Flash Bronzer Gel Legs 125 ml
39,70 €
36,20 €
SunSpa Tanning Mitt
3,40 €
SunSpa Tan-In-A-Can 150 ml - Chocolate
24,10 €
20,00 €
Cosmos Co Argan Bronze Tanning Oil 100 ml
20,20 €
16,00 €
James Read Tanning Mitt
10,10 €
9,10 €
EasySun Self Tanning Spray 200 ml
14,70 €
12,00 €

Selvbruner Get a beautiful glow and a delicious brown skin without sun ## What is self-breeding? Selvbruner is a product that dyes the outermost cell layers in the skin, which gives a nice color. The outermost skin cells die and fall off, and thus the self-burner will gradually disappear again. Self-tanning is found in many different ways, and it is very different to what is most common. Find them, among other things, like mousse, cream, spray or as napkins. Some self-burners are guideline-that is, there is color in the product so you can see where you come from, making sure you hit all areas. There are also bodylotions with self-tanning in, which gradually gives a more sun-kissed skin. These can also be used to keep the color on after using self-tanning or after a sunbathing. If you are not an experienced user of self-tanning, it may be a good idea to start with a body lotion with color. ### How do I use self-taps? Many who have used self-taps know about the problem of being shielded or striped, but it is advisable. It's about preparing the skin as best as possible to get the self-tan to be as smooth as possible. It is always recommended to rub the skin well the day before using self-tanning - this removes dead and dry skin cells, which may otherwise cause discoloration. Before applying your self-tanner, make sure that your skin is well moistened, and you should pay particular attention to areas that are often more dry than others; eg. elbows, knees, heels and knots. If you do not wipe the skin, it will take extra to color where the skin is dry and this causes dark spots. It is important to allow the cream to penetrate well into the skin before applying the skin as otherwise the skin can not absorb color. It is recommended to use a glove for application as this gives a more even distribution of color, and it is significantly easier than using the hands. Always remember to wash hands after use. ### How do I keep the nice color? The days after using self-tanning, it's important to moisturize the skin well with body lotion so that the skin stays warm. You can optionally use an oil with shimmer in to emphasize the color even more. The self-burner will take off after a few days, so if you want to keep the color straight, you can apply self-tanning again after a few days.