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Top Shelf 4 Men The Spray 150 ml (U)

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Top Shelf 4 And The Spray is a delicious salt water spray containing salt from the Dead Sea. It does not dehydrate, but provides a lot of moisture to the hair and scalp. It provides structure, control, a medium hold and a more abundant hair. It's perfect blow-dry the hair to give hair a boost. The spray can be used in both dry and damp hair, and can also be used to reactivate the styling products you have in your hair. This means that if the day before had wax in your hair, and you have not washed your hair, you can spray it in, and then adult's effect will be reactivated - that's really smart! Benefits: - Does not dehydrate - Provides moisture to the hair and scalp - Gives structure and control - Provides a medium hold - Can be used in dry and damp hair - Reactivates styling products from the day before - Without parabens and perfume Application: - Shake the bottle well before use - Spray on damp or dry hair - Can blow-drying the hair to lift the hair - Style your hair as desired

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