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YSL Full Metal Shadow - 5 Steamy Coral (U)

32,80 €
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YSL Full Metal Shadow is a floating eye shadow. 5 Steamy Coral is a beautiful copper with a pink undertone. This eye shadow stays for up to 16 hours without shrinking or cracking. This super-durable eye shadow is filled with liquid pigments that are formulated with 40% water, which gives a beautiful and shiny metallic look. It has an exclusive applicator that makes it easy to put a perfect makeup that holds.


- Liquid eye shadow
- Copper with a pink undertone
- Durability for up to 16 hours
- Father, cracker or does not shake off
- Contains liquid pigments and 40% water
- Provides a beautiful and shiny metallic look
- Exclusive applicator


- Use on clean and dry eyelids
- Can be used as a normal eye shadow or as an eyeliner, using the applicator completely down the eyelid

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