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YSL Le Cushion Fusion Ink Foundation Refill - 20 (U)

YSL Le Cushion Fusion Ink Foundation Refill - 20

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YSL Le Cushion Fusion Ink Foundation is a fluid, compact foundation captured in an airy cushion that provides a long-lasting, perfect look. This light brown cushion foundation comes with a soft piston applicator that makes application easy and simple with a perfect dosage, as the applicator delivers the ideal amount of foundation. The product has a long-lasting durability and provides a perfect, flawless coverage.

The ultra-light formula gives a moisturizing, fresh feeling and is absorbed evenly and quickly in the skin. The foundation has an incredibly fresh, smooth texture that melts into the skin while creating a weightless feeling. The product's hybrid technology keeps your base in place for several hours, and the product's formula adapts to the skin and gives a matt effect that gives the skin glow. This product is perfect to carry on the go, as it is easy to pull up with during the day. Always close the product after use to prevent drying of the product.

Note: This is a refill / refill product suitable for [YSL Le Cushion Fusion Ink Foundation] ( _


- Cushion foundation
- Practical refill
- Provides matte, uniform skin with long-lasting hold
- Has a fantastic ability to cover
- Provides easy and precise application
- Soft and airy, liquid foundation
- Provides a clean, fine and very natural look
- Provides beautiful and natural skin
- SPF 23


- Use the supplied applicator by dipping it into the cusion foundation itself
- Put the product on the skin to achieve the perfect glow and durability
- Repeat for stronger coverage

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