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amika:® Heist Molding Blend 50 ml
33,40 €
25,30 €
amika:® Vault Color-Lock Shampoo 300 ml
33,40 €
25,30 €
amika:® Normcore Signature Shampoo 300 ml
33,40 €
25,30 €
amika:® Soulfood Nourishing Mask 250 ml
36,10 €
26,70 €
amika:® Blockade Heat Defense Serum 50 ml
36,10 €
26,70 €
amika:® Haute Mess Texture Gloss 100 ml
30,70 €
22,70 €
amika:® 001 Hair Fragrance 30 ml
36,10 €
26,70 €
amika:® Signature Room Fragrance 100 ml
36,10 €
26,70 €
amika:® The Kure Repair Shampoo 300 ml
30,70 €
22,70 €
amika:® Perk Up Dry Shampoo 232 ml
30,70 €
22,50 €
Amika: Pumpe 1000 ml
5,20 €
3,90 €

Amika: High quality natural hair products Amika: offers products of the highest quality as well as a beautiful design. In addition, Amika goes: never compromise on their principles! Amika: is a mark that weights the natural higher than anything else. Work is being done hard to find the best combinations of natural ingredients, so the styling of your hair will be as positive as possible. The name Amika: originates from Latin and means friend, this is a good idea how the products spoil your hair. The idea of this fire is that it should be your hair's best friend, and this is clearly expressed through the exclusive content, as well as the beautiful design! This has meant, among other things, that Amika has become one of the most popular hair care brands among hairdressers. It is a professional range of products designed to give the hairdressers as well as individuals the best options for styling their hair. The blend of the highest quality and natural ingredients has proven to be the way a lot of hairdressers have chosen to take! Amika: Hair products make you happy when you use them, as well as create a good mood in the bathroom with their natural colors. Amika: is a fire that wants to bring nature into your bathroom and give you the best experience every time. All of their products are vegan-friendly and free of parabens and dyes, and there is generally work towards no consumers hitting their products. Vegan Friendly Hair Products What does it mean when a product is vegan friendly? This means, among other things, that the products have not been tested on animals. In addition, Amika uses no animal substances in their products. This is a very important element throughout this series of hairs, and it is one of the company's solid pillars. Amika: Trying to have as little impact on the outside world as possible, and certainly do not want other living creatures to suffer for their sake. Amika: is a modern hair care brand that is at the forefront of sustainability and consumer-friendly ingredients. Amika: Products Amika: Offers many different hair care products. The most popular Amika products are undoubtedly their Perk Up Dry Shampoo and Undone Texture Spray! These products have gained a lot of international recognition and have helped many professional professionals get their eyes on their products. In addition, it is generally their styling and repair products that have been praised by the way. Amika: Styling products are some of the most popular among professional professionals abroad, and this is a trend that slowly finds way to the Danish hairdressers. They have a wide range of masks and leave-in products that come in with natural ingredients and rebuild the hair's structure. The natural ingredients used are always chosen based on their qualities and content of vitamins and minerals. Amika: Shampoo and Conditioner are also in a class by themselves. They leave the hair clean and soft and ensure the hair is completely cleaned without irritating the scalp. By using Amika: products, you can be sure that you do not apply laboratory-developed molecules to the scalp.