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Astion Pharma
Astion Pharma
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Astion Pharma… Protective and healing skin care.

Eczema, due to itching, burning and ulceration, can affect your quality of life in several ways. It is hard, both for body and mind, to constantly be exposed to the irritation that eczema causes. Many people find it difficult to overcome the skin challenges, so they try several different products perhaps without optimal effect. Here Astion Pharma can help. The products fight eczema and effects in a gentle and effective way, while at the same time strengthening the skin's natural shield. Astion Pharma took up the challenge and subsequently developed their first cream. Since then, it has become a series of effective eczema-prone skin care products. The successful and powerful men behind Astion Pharma also share in popular Australian Bodycare.

Normal skin: A completely normal skin is characterized by:

  • having a barrier that, along the way, can keep various harmful microorganisms out.
  • own natural defense mechanisms to repair and restore any damaged tissue, for example, fungi, bacteria or viruses have nevertheless managed to penetrate the above mentioned barriers.
  • being very saturated with moisture.

Challenged Skin:

The eczema of the skin is characterized by:

  • being dry, irritated, reddening, itchy and maybe even scaly.
  • the moisture of the skin evaporates.
  • being susceptible to infection and inflammation as the natural barrier is broken down. When your skin is first affected by eczema of various kinds, it is crucial to your well-being that you are able to find a healing, nurturing and strengthening product. Astion Pharma creams are a really good offer.


Astion Pharma's creams help restore the skin's natural shield from harmful external influences. At the same time, the creams are soothing and soothing to the irritated and itchy skin. This is due to the application of moisture to the dry skin and also because the cream settles, like a protective membrane on the skin. The Hind keeps moisturized and also protects against external bacteria, etc. Other great benefits of Astion Pharma's products are…

  • Cream for facial eczema.
  • Reduces redness, dryness and itching.
  • Maintains moisture in the skin.
  • Increases skin flexibility.
  • Improvement in 1-3 weeks.
  • Without cortisone (adrenal gland hormone).
  • Hormone-free.
  • Paraben-free.

During the first days of treatment with Astion Pharma creams, you may experience few and mild side effects in the form of slight burning and itching, as the skin is still very sensitive and irritated.


Of course, it is essential for an eczema-like skin that the ingredients are carefully selected and thoroughly tested. Astion Pharma's products contain…

  • The patented active ingredient Dermadexin, which consists of niacinamide, which is a vitamin B3 that can normalize and repair the skin. In addition, Dermadexin also consists of Glyceryl Carprylate, which, among other things, counteracts bacteria and fungi in the affected skin. This is by recreating the skin's natural oils, regulating the skin's moisture and at the same time acting as a humidifier for the skin.
  • Water that makes the other essential ingredients blend into the cream.
  • Liquid paraffin, such as the fat that soothes, nourishes and prevents moisture evaporation.
  • Cetostearyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol that is beneficial to the skin as it retains moisture and thus prevents drying and cracking of the skin.
  • Glycerol sodium cetostearyl sulfate, which is softening because it attracts moisture.
  • Benzyl alcohol, which is a preservative derived from, for example, sugar beet, sugar cane or fruit.

Furthermore, there are no known conditions which in any way render Astion Pharma's products unsuitable in combination with commonly known drugs. It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor in case of doubt.

That's the way:

How to use Astion Pharma's creams…

  • Wash your hands before using.
  • Apply the cream in a thin layer on the irritated skin.
  • Apply twice daily - morning and evening
  • Continue treatment until the condition improves.
  • However, do not use more than 21 days in a row.
  • Apply a good moisturizer after treatment.

Buy Astion Pharma at NiceBeauty:

The above review of Astion Pharma are good reasons why NiceBeauty sells its products from here. We want to be able to contribute to increased well-being and quality of life, so we strive to find the best possible products for you. You can find Astion Pharma creams and other skin care products here on the site.

Astion Pharma - Skin shield against eczema of all kinds.