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Embryolisse Beauty Oil 100 ml
37,50 €
33,50 €
Embryolisse Smooth Radiant Complexion 40 ml
40,20 €
36,20 €
Embryolisse Lashes Booster 6,5 ml
40,20 €
38,90 €
Embryolisse Radiant Eye Stick 4,5 gr.
30,80 €
21,40 €
Embryolisse BB Cream SPF 20 - 30 ml
33,50 €
29,40 €
Embryolisse CC Cream SPF 20 - 30 ml
38,90 €
36,20 €
Embryolisse Filaderme Emulsion 75 ml
30,80 €
28,10 €
Embryolisse Hydra-Mat Emulsion 40 ml
30,80 €
26,80 €
Embryolisse Anti-Age Comfort Mask 60 ml
40,20 €
38,90 €
Embryolisse Hydra-Mask 60 ml
26,80 €
24,10 €
Embryolisse Lotion Micellaire 250 ml
20,00 €
18,70 €
Embryolisse Exfoliating Cream 60 ml
26,80 €
24,10 €
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Fluide 500 ml
40,20 €
36,20 €
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Fluide 75 ml
20,00 €
9,30 €
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré 75 ml
26,80 €
15,50 €
Embryolisse Embryoderme 75 ml
40,20 €
36,20 €
Embryolisse Gentle Night Peeling 40 ml
30,80 €
28,10 €
Embryolisse Youth Radiance Care 40 ml
37,50 €
26,80 €
Embryolisse Filaderme Créme 50 ml
37,50 €
33,50 €
  • “Embryolysis is a brand for those who want a complete skin care line for both the face and body. Consumer wishes always come first when Embryolisse is to develop and produce new products. There is little doubt that Embryolisse is an effective, amiable and delicious skin care brand that has been tested over several generations and approved by various skin types. The products never disappoint, so once you have your eyes on Embryolisse, you will most likely remain a user of the products. ”* ## The history of Embryolisse The story begins back in 1950, when a French dermatologist developed the pioneering skincare product Lait-Crème Concentré. For good reason, the product remains a bestseller to this day. In addition to being a nutritious and moisturizing face cream that can be used by both women and men, it can also be used for sunburn, shaving irritated skin and makeup removal. Lait-Crème Concentré is therefore much more than just a face cream. In fact, several uses are a general feature of Embryolisse products. ## Why should I choose Embryolisse products? Much of the reason why Embryolisse has had great success lies in the brand's philosophy. They want to develop products with a high tolerance threshold for all types of skin. The products should also satisfy and meet the skin's needs for nutrition, moisture and care. Through his extensive knowledge and long experience in the industry, Embryolisse has succeeded in creating a complete skin care series for both the face and the body. The products have been sold in French pharmacies for more than 60 years. Therefore, it is not without reason that Embryolisse products are loved by so many people around the world. ## Essential, Efficient and Natural Embryolese is proud to develop and manufacture its products from four values. - ... to be essential. It's no secret that a well-groomed and moisturized skin looks healthier and more uniform. Embryolysis products therefore contain no superfluous additives, and with a fairly unique formula, the skin gets the essential nutrients and nurturing properties needed to keep it well-groomed, healthy and beautiful. - ... to be effective. The products contain carefully selected ingredients such as. aloe vera, soy and beeswax. Both doctors and cosmetologists recognize these ingredients to have a nurturing and healing effect. - ... to be natural. As far as possible, Embryolisse uses only ingredients from natural plant oils and the plant kingdom. They do this, among other things, to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. - ... to have a high tolerance threshold. The products are safe and have high skin tolerance because they contain the same natural building blocks found in the skin. This makes the products also suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. Here at you will find a large and delicious selection of Embryolisse's skin care products. We have many different products for both women and men, such as face creams, hand creams, makeup remover, aftershave, serum and body lotion. Click in to see our selection of the great Embryolisse products. Really good fun!