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Herôme Colour Revival 10 ml
15,40 €
Herôme French Liner 5 ml
11,40 €
Herôme Cuticle Cream 15 ml
11,40 €
Herôme Nail Corrector Pen 3 ml
13,30 €
Herôme Cuticle Remover 10 ml
11,10 €
Herôme Nail Hardener Extra Strong 10 ml
11,00 €
10,60 €

Herome is a Danish brand that sells hand- and nail care products. The products are steeped in quality, which is an aspect that they have a special focus on. Herome have To remotely been a byword for the finest ingredients to hand and nail products from Herome is exclusively designed for the discerning woman who will not settle for second best. The products are therefore designed for those who want the best of the best when it comes to beautiful and manicured hands and nails. Nail Perfection Nail hardeners Strong is the first product that made Herome famous immediately. After one treatment with this product, you have only 14 days strong nails which do not split. Using Herome Nail Perfection nail hardener are nails are not only strong and healthy - they also get their natural shine, and splits no longer. The result is healthy and long nails. The hardener is not surface, but penetrates the nail, nail bind the plates together and amplifier nail. The dermatological resin replaces the fat and moisture membrane (lipids) which had been dried up between the nail plates, and which are the cause of that cleaves the nails. Do you have hard nails that columns used Nail hardeners sensitive, since it reinforces the nails further, but simply binds nail plates together. If you use nail oil behind the nail with the cure, grow nails faster and being very flexible so they do not break. Always apply hardener in the evening, so treatment is not disturbed by soap and water throughout the day. It is important only to apply the hardener is in thin layers. First evening put a thin layer of nail hardener to completely clean nails. The second evening put another thin layer of nail hardener upstairs. The third night with purified nails Herome Caring Nail Remover, which is free of acetone or other harmful solvents. Acetone and damaging solvents will dissolve the action of the hardener. After the cleaning down a new layer on immediately. The treatment is repeated in 14 to 16 days for Nailhardener Extra Strong, and 21 days for Nailhardener Strong. When the cure is over, you maintain the result and hardens the new nail by placing 1-2 layers in a week. For example, on Monday and Friday. Man cleans every time you switch layers during maintenance. You can not use nail polish during the cure, but only when you start to maintain the result. It is important that you clean with Herome remover, so you do not dissolve all the treatment, nail and cuticle recorder. Never use polish remover with acetone or other harmful solvents. To achieve very healthy and flexible nails, it is recommended to drip Nourishing Nail Oil behind nails every evening when Nailhardener is dry. A remover is one of the main products of nail care. Herome Caring Remover is your guarantee that you will not dissolve all the treatment you have just given your nails and cuticles. The secret is the unique combination of ingredients that just dilutes the paint so it can be pulled off the nail, without dissolving nail and treatment.