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KORRES Holiday Escape Kit 5 x 40 ml
16,80 €
15,50 €
KORRES Wild Rose Gift Set
41,50 €
37,60 €
KORRES Black Pine Gift Set
51,90 €
46,70 €
KORRES Guava Collection
32,40 €
28,50 €
KORRES Holiday In Greece 5 x 40 ml
16,80 €
15,50 €
KORRES After-Sun Face Cream 40 ml
25,90 €
18,10 €
KORRES Body Milk Citrus 200 ml
18,10 €
12,90 €
KORRES Showergel Mint Tea 250 ml
12,90 €
11,60 €
KORRES Showergel Jasmine 250 ml
12,90 €
11,60 €
KORRES Showergel Basil Lemon 250 ml
12,90 €
11,60 €
KORRES Gift Set Bergamot Pear
29,30 €
27,20 €
KORRES Showergel Guava 250 ml
12,90 €
11,60 €
KORRES Showergel Fig 250 ml
12,90 €
11,60 €
KORRES Deodorant Equisetum 24h 30 ml
12,90 €
11,60 €
Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter 6 g
12,90 €
11,60 €
Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter 6 g
12,90 €
11,60 €
Korres Quince Lip Butter 6 g
12,90 €
11,60 €
Korres Guava Lip Butter 6g
12,90 €
11,60 €
Korres Jasmin Lip Butter 6g
12,90 €
11,60 €
Korres Conditioner Dry Hair 200 ml
19,40 €
18,10 €
KORRES Mango Lip Butter 6 gr.
12,90 €
11,60 €
KORRES Body Milk Fig Dry Skin 200 ml
18,10 €
16,80 €
KORRES Black Pine Face Serum 30 ml
51,90 €
46,70 €
KORRES Black Pine Eye Cream 15 ml
51,90 €
46,70 €

Natural beauty products from the beautiful Greece. ### George Korres: - In the mid-1960s started Tzivanides Homeopathic Pharmacy of Athens. - George Korres joined the team in 1989 while he was still studying pharmacology at the university. - To begin with Korres was skeptical of homeopathy, but after acquaintance with plant teacher and after experiencing its results so Korres was overwhelmed by the natural ingredients great power. - After having purchased the pharmacy, Korres developed in 1992 a natural skincare line driven by both passion and understanding of plants and herbs effect. ### Brand KORRES sees the light KORRES was created in 1996 and was based on a philosophy of nature, ecology and environment. All the ingredients lived up to a very high standard of quality and efficiency. The company is working closely with the Greek communities, agricultural trade and organic farmers. The brand has, since 2004 and until today, won a host of awards and prizes for their great products ... for example .. 2004 Gold Prix de Beaute (1st prize), Hair Care category, Mastiha-oil and Wheat proteins shampoo [Greece] 2016 Brilliant Booster, Korres Wild Rose Oil, SELF Approved Beauty Award 2016 [US] ### Medicatrix Naturae: Since Ancient Greece plant power be known. Here mapped the famous physician and father of medicine, Hippocrates, a myriad of natural medicinal plants. Botany was at the time a branch of medicine and homeopathy was at that exclusively used by doctors and surgeons ... and maybe a few "witches". Nature can, among other things heal, soothe, tone, seduce and strength. ### KORRES' core principle ... Ecology - Skin and environmentally friendly products. - Many-sided action in support of the environment and community. - The right decision must be taken every gang..fra ingredient for processing and packaging. - NO to waste operation! - YES to renewable energy! ### Quality KORRES has developed production to just pharmaceuticals, making their skin care formulas are based on very stringent quality ... often much stricter than what the pharmaceutical industry påskriver. ### KORRES WITHOUT Mineral oils, silicone, parabens and Glycol. ### KORRES WITH: 1) herbs from daily pharmacy ... calendula, Echinacea, Hypericum and Night Primula. 2) The Greek Flora ... Thyme, sage, bay laurel, olive and Mostiha. 3) Skin Care Free food ... Yogurt and Thyme Honey. 4) Natural assets first natural polyheptid ... - ... Hexapeptide-11, an anti-aging ingredient, derived from natural proteins, which are the building blocks of all living tissues. ### KORRES in perfect harmony with NiceHair.dk At Nicehair.dk we appreciate good quality ... so of course we have a selection of products from KORRES in our product range. On Nicehair.dks website you can find KORRES products for the care, cleaning and protection of ... ... your lips either, as balm or stick. ... Your face, your hair and your body - for all skin types - with and without sunscreen - in or out of the bath. Furthermore, we have also KORRES fragrances for both men as women. Worth highlighting may otherwise be Wild Rose series, which was the product that put KORRES on the world map in 1996 as the brand's first innovative and global skincare bestseller! If you have questions to one of KORRES many products Nicehair.dk, do not hesitate to contact our always friendly and very helpful customer service. KORRES - When the heart beats for organic farming.