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Olivias Tryllesalve
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Olivia Magic Magic Salmon ... Organic Universal Ointment. The magic begins: During her second maternity leave, Louise-Marie Törnquist began to be interested in finding the best and healthiest skin products for her two children. She orientated herself through various blogs, articles and books in relation to ecology and health. Over and over, she encountered recipes on how to produce organic universal algae. Louise-Marie therefore decided to try this, as she had time and opportunity for her during the maternity leave. The ointment she was made proved to be both gentle and effective at one and the same time. The enthusiasm would not end when Louise-Marie shared his universal ointment into his circle of friends and therefore the decision became quite easy ... she wanted to make sure everyone who wanted it had the opportunity to buy a healthy and organic ointment. LouiLoui Aps was formed by Louise-Marie in 2012 and Olivia's magical magic ointment became. The ointment is named after Louise-Marie's first born. An organic and effective ointment that is produced responsibly and is priced at the low end of the scale. A magic proof that quality can be purchased for smallpay. Magically speaking, as mentioned earlier, the ointment is a universal ointment, so even though it was initially intended for red baby cats, you can apply the body, hands, feet and face cream to children, as well as adults . Olivia's magical magic ointment is suitable for the particularly sensitive and delicate skin. The ointment penetrates, but at the same time adds a protective and breathable skin that ensures that the exposed area is easier kept clean and gives time to the whole. The ointment can be used for ... - Frost skin on hands and in the face. - Small businesses. - Buds and sores. - Dry skin patches and lips. ### Pist away: The sustainable sorcerer is made exclusively of organic ingredients, such as Sheasmør, extra virgin olive oil and beeswax. There are no perfumes, essential oils, preservatives, parabens or anything else that could harm your skin and your health. The salve is also without added water, which makes it ideal for winter-frozen cheeks and hands where it is used and prevented. Olivia's magical magic ointment comes in small fine glass. This first and foremost to avoid the chemistry that plastic storage can sometimes release. #### Hokus Pokus: In conjunction with Olivia's magical magic ointment, Hokus Pokus is on the positive side. The salvage ingredients remedy different skin genes, like a magic stroke. It's important to care for your skin daily to keep it healthy and spicy. Shea butter has been used in Africa since ancient times for skin care, cooking and even as a fuel for light for lamps. This natural skin care product is packed with vitamins A, E and F, making it so effective in treating a variety of skin problems. Extra virgin olive oil is a great moisturizer. The oil helps maintain your skin's elasticity, prevents premature aging and protects against sun damage. Beeswax is particularly good for the care of delicate skin as it forms a protective skin on the surface, which the skin can breathe through. It counteracts skin irritations, binds moisture to the skin and has cellular build-up effects. Beeswax also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. #### Olivia's magic magic ointment at The wonderful universe's alfine's sofas do not stand on the shelves of for as long as it's extremely popular and therefore almost disappears by itself. If you have questions about the product, delivery or anything else, our always helpful customer service staff are ready for both the keys and the phones. Olivia Magic Magic Ointment - Magic Care for Delicate Skin