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Tampax The little tampon that gives great peace of mind ### Who invented the tampon as we know it today? Dr. Earle Haas invented the tampon with insertion sleeve and cord in the late 1920s and he got the product patented in the early 1930s. It was not so easy for him to sell the product, as there was a lot of taboo around menstruation at that time. However, a collaboration with a skilled businesswoman changed this problem and, after an effective advertising campaign, the sales came to a real start. ### Who owns the product? Today, Tampax is owned by the admirable and world-renowned company Procter & Gamble, which sells thousands and thousands of products that help make your everyday life easier. Some of their known products include Pampers, Always Volume, Vicks, Duracell, Braun and Gillette. Products we are all familiar with. The company has been in Denmark since 1992. ### What is a tampon really? A tampon is made of compressed cotton wool which is used in the vagina during your period. The blood is absorbed inside the body and therefore gives a more pure feeling during the period. The word Tampon comes from the French language and simply means; Prop, Mushroom, Tot. ### What did the women do before? In ancient times, women also used tampon-like protection during the period ... It could be natural sponge, moss, silk, etc. The ancient Egyptians used softened papyrus, whereas the Romans used wool. Some Indian tribes had menses tents where the women were to spend the bleeding time. Some religious communities forbade / prohibit women from using tampons, as they are considered to have an erotic effect on women. ### What is menstruation? Menstruation is a bleeding from the uterus that comes out through the vagina / vagina. It is part of the women's reproductive cycle. Ie a hormonal circle that is repeated every month. Such a cycle lasts approx. 28 days depending on age. It starts when the woman becomes sexually mature during puberty and continues until the woman becomes pregnant or goes into menopause. ### Why Menstruate Men? The short version of the menses explanation is that the woman gets ovulation and if the eggs are not fertilized on their way out, then it is expelled along with the uterine mucosa ... here the period of men starts. NOTE! There is still a bit of taboo associated with menses, just as it rarely comes conveniently. Most women actually see the bleeding as something unclean and unpleasant. It is therefore especially important to choose the right tampons which are adapted in, for example, length and in suction capacity. In this way, you achieve the optimum protection, the greatest safety and the most comfortable feeling. NOTE! Again ... It is IMPORTANT to change the tampon periodically throughout the day, thus reducing the risk of infection. NOTE! Again ... Please note that some women may be allergic to cotton wool products ... not just tampons, but also cotton swabs. Therefore, if you experience itching and redness after brief use, choose another form of menstrual protection. At we sell Tampax to the different needs. The insertion sleeve is made of a biodegradable material, which makes it possible to flush it out into the toilet. However, we recommend to throw it in the trash can. Tampax gives you the freedom to do what you usually do.