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Clean Perfume Reserve Solar Bloom EDP 100 ml

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Clean Perfume Reserve Solar Bloom EDP is a refreshing scent that currently brings a smile to your lip and makes you more than ready for today's challenges. This sensational scent is inspired by the very special moment when the sun has just risen and illuminates the whole nature after everything around you has been darkened. This is better known as dawn, which means that morning chair beams are flowing in the air and hit the right places for both body and soul, although the wind is still a bit cold.

This is due, among other things, to its rich content of bergamotte, green mandarin and fressia which gives your skin a fresh touch that cannot be avoided in a positive way by your surroundings. In the heart comes orange blossom and jasmine flower, which goes in perfect harmony with the bottom notes of discreet black coal, ambrox, warm cedar, seductive musk, vetiver and sweet coconut water. An all-perfect Eau de Parfum for you who likes to stand up quietly in the morning, put on the music that makes you the most happy, wearing the delicious outfit of the day, enjoying yourself with a cup of hot coffee, and smiling out of the window and see how the day develops in an eventful way. You stay without hesitation today's fresh breath. And who doesn't want to be?

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