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Clean Perfume Rollerball Layering Collection 5 x 5 ml (2019)

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Clean Rollerball Layering Collection is a nice little box with 5 of the most popular fragrances from Clean in mini size. With this set you get a really good opportunity to try out the different scents, and the small size makes them perfect to carry in the handbag or toilet bag. All the scents are without parabens and sulfates. Buy the box for yourself or someone you love, but beware! You easily become dependent on the beautiful scents.

Set includes:

- Warm Cotton EDP 5 ml
- Skin EDP 5 ml
- Fresh Linens EDP 5 ml
- The Original EDP 5 ml
- Rain EDP 5 ml

Warm Cotton: is a perfume with a completely irresistible scent. It reminds you of a stack of freshly washed towels that have just been taken out of the dryer. It has fragrance notes including jasmine, lily and citrus, which, combined with warm tones of musk and amber, leave you with wonderful and reassured feelings. See full description [here] (https://nicehair.dk/clean-perfume-classic-warm-cotton-60-ml.html)

Skin: is a delicate and sensual Eau de Parfume. Imagine the warm and clean scent of naked skin that came straight out of the bath and wrapped in the rays of the morning sun. It is undoubtedly exactly the senses and the feeling this scent awakens. It has an irresistible, beautiful and very clean scent of fresh flowers and light musk that envelops the skin in a refreshing way and gives a sense of purity and well-being as soon as you apply it. See full description [here] (https://nicehair.dk/clean-perfume-skin-edp-30-ml-1.html)

Fresh Linens: is a fresh but still light fragrance inspired by the softness of a freshly washed layer on a sunny weekend morning. The scent evokes the feeling of being wrapped in the bed for hours where the warm sun shines through the window and a light breeze roames the skin as you relax and daydream. See full description [here] (https://nicehair.dk/clean-perfume-fresh-linens-edp-30-ml1.html)

Rain: is a rich, fresh and delicate scent that smells like dewy and warm rain on a hot summer day. It is enriched with notes of melon, violet leaves, daisies and Easter rows that make this Eau de Perfume very gentle, but still works clean and uplifting in the mood. See full description [here] (https://nicehair.dk/clean-classic-rain-edp-30-ml.html)

The Original: is an amazing new interpretation of the classic and original Clean The Original perfume. This beautiful Eau de Perfume has got a fresh twist that perfectly rounds it off and adds it just to what you need to feel CLEAN. See full description [here] (https://nicehair.dk/clean-perfume-classic-the-original-edp-30-ml.html)

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