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elf Cosmetics Recharging Magnetic Mask Kit

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Eleven Cosmetics Recharging Magnetic Mask Kit is an absolutely wonderful and innovative kit that lets your skin shine without having to wear masks and towels, and napkins that float all your face care. With this kit, it's a pleasure to care for your face, rather than a sore duty and sets have also won a prize for glamor beauty awards in 2018. Indulge yourself or one you love, with this amazing set, from popular elves that tend to to make your skin care and makeup application a play. Eleven Cosmetics Recharging Magnetic Mask Kit is also free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens and alcohol.

The kit contains:

- 1 pc elf Cosmetics Magnetic Mask 50 gr.
- 1 pc elf Cosmetics Dual-Sided Magnetic Tool
- 20 pcs elf Cosmetics Magnet Covers

Cosmetics Magnetic Mask 50 gr .:: is an amazing face mask enriched with nourishing and nutritious ingredients, such as sunflower seed oil, vitamin C, vitamin E and argan oil, which together nourish the skin and protects against free radicals. The unique magnetic formula, minimizes impurities and large pores, so you get a more even and even finish after use. The skin is left silky and with a renewed glow, so you will radiate health. Usage: _ Apply the mask, with the falling end of the magnet. Apply on a clean and dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave it to work for 5-10 minutes. For best results, do not rinse the face with water afterwards.

elf Cosmetics Dual-Sided Magnetic Tool: This innovative magnet, works with the special iron formula in the mask, so your face mask is easily flushed and you are therefore free to start with water and cloths. The magnet gently lifts the face mask, making your work incredibly easy and straightforward. At the same time, it's a little fun to do anything else you're used to, and it's easy and straightforward in an otherwise hectic everyday life. Use: Place the magnet over the face, a few mm from the skin, and let it slowly catch the mask.

elf Cosmetics Magnet Covers: are small plastic caps, to put outside the magnet, so you're free from getting dirty, but instead keeps it clean and clean. These bags also help to make the process easier as they collect the mask and are just throwing out later.

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