ghd Gold Classic V Styler

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ghd Gold Classic Styler

Well-known GHD Styler in new design
The new ghd Gold Classic Styler is an updated version of the classic ghd straighteners in a new, more streamlined design. This new ghd straighteners is a special nano-silver coating on hot plates which helps to give an extra shiny hair. ****'s official ghd retailer in Denmark - GHD approved dealers

Designed by ghd Gold Classic
The new ghd Gold Classic has a new design which means that it is very streamlined than the previous ghd. At the same time improving the insulation of the straightener done to make it easier and less hot on the outside where you stand.

This is done without compromising the quality and the straightener is very great both for hair straightening, but with its rocker panels also be used to create beautiful curls. ****

New improved hot plates
ghd Gold Classic straightener has new golden hot plates, which have become even more streamlined and co-administered a nano-silver coating which ensures that the straightener glides easily through the hair. Temperature 185° C****

Additional features of the ghd Gold Classic
Like its predecessor, the ghd Gold Classic built-in voltage converter which makes it possible to use it anywhere in the world regardless of the voltage that is in electrical outlets.

Additionally, there are also built-in sleep mode feature that makes the straightener automatically switches off after 30 minutes if it has not been in use. ****

Remember to protect and care for your hair when straightening it.
Regular use of hair straighteners dry out and can damage the hair if you do not make sure to also use a good heat protection spray. After getting very positive feedback on Joico Thermal Smoother we recommend our customers to always use this product to protect the hair during heat styling.

NOTE: We have deals on this product right now - see more here: Joico Thermal Smoother


Brand: GHD

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