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Miqura Bubble Facial Cleansing Sheet Mask 5 Pieces (U)

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Miqura Bubble Facial Cleansing Sheet Mask is an absolutely stunning and delicious sheet mask that is suitable for all skin types. The masks contain effective charcoal fibers that have an antibacterial effect, which reduces pores and deepens the skin. In addition to refreshing the skin, the mask's special bubble function helps the blood circulation, giving the skin a beautiful and healthy radiance. The masks are enriched with oxygen bubbles that nourish the skin and oxygen while loosening old makeup during the process so it is easy to rinse off afterwards. 5 light and delicious masks that gently bubble up during treatment, leaving you with a nice clean and well-groomed skin that feels silky and fresh. Benefits: - Sheet masks - Contains 5 pieces - Suitable for all skin types - Effectively contains charcoal fibers - Antibacterial effect - Reduces pores and reduces blackheads - Deepens skin - Refreshes skin - Increases blood circulation - Provides a beautiful and healthy Radiation - Enriched with oxygen bubbles - Adds oxygen and nourishment to the skin - Relieves old makeup - Gently bubbles up during treatment - Leaves you with a well-groomed, silky and fresh skin Application: - Rinse your face in lukewarm water and dry after - Apply mask with holes placed in front of eyes and mouth - Remove mask after 5-8 minutes when bubbles are fully foamed - Gently massage excess bubbles into skin in circular motions - Then rinse with water

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