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Speed Wraps High Light Paper 10 x 25 cm 250 Pieces

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Speed ??Wraps High Light Paper 10x25 cm are professional stripe paper for hair dyeing. Strip papers are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, unlike the classic foil paper, often used with streaks in her hair. Speed ??Wraps High Light Paper allows you to be creative, and can be used for all kinds of permanent hair color and bleaching, toning and lightening the color. They are easy to work with, does not slide in the hair and are easy to remove after use, without pulling the hair. So free your imagination and get creative, you can now create color effects and streaks in her hair with different colors at once, with environmentally friendly paper. Benefits: - Stripe Paper - Suitable for permanent hair color and bleaching, toning and lightening color - Used for color effects and stripes in your hair - Measures 10 x 25 cm - 250 pcs. - Environmentally friendly - Glider is not out of the hair - Easy to work with - Suitable for short / shoulder-length hair Use: - Make a passé with the desired hair to be dyed - Insert the paper under the hair - Now apply the dye on the hair, while holding the paper under, so it eventually sticking - When the desired passé / tuft of hair is colored, folded the paper in half so that the paper is closed along - let your hair color seem the recommended time - gently pull the papers out of the hair - Rinse and wash now hair thoroughly

Brand: Øvrige Mærker