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YSL Varnish At Lévres - 46 Rouge Fusain is a durable lacquer with color as a lipstick and durability similar to a nail polish. With its ultra fine formula, it melts easily into the lips, leaving them shiny with an intense color. It also has a fantastic durability, which ensures that one's lips are beautiful and colorful all night. YSL Vernis At Lévres has a unique applicator that, with its slanted tip and short bristles, applies the perfect amount of product, and makes it possible to sketch and frame the lips in the most beautiful way.


- Durable lining
- Liquid and velvety formula
- Color as a lipstick and durability similar to a nail polish
- Melting into the lips
- Glossy finish
- Beautiful and intense color
- Unique applicator with slanted tip and short bristles


- For a natural shine, only one layer of this lacquer is applied
- For a more intense and refined look, apply the applicator twice
- Apply second layer after first layer is dry

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